Respite Care



We know that raising children isn't easy.  We understand the stresses involved and are here to help.  If you have day care needs--whether you have a medical appointment, job interview, or just need a personal time out, our Respite Care Center may be what you are looking for.


Our Respite Care Center provides quality, nurturing childcare at NO COST to parents/caregivers in need.  This service most often is used by adults who have little or no childcare resources and are looking for employment, attending classes, or simply need a break due to unforeseen stress and/or crisis.


Respite Care has limited openings and hours of service and spaces go quicky.  Please contact the Respite Coordinator, Sheila, to inquire about availability.


Click below to read our newsletters from Sheila.  She shares the latest news in Respite and provides topical information on activities and recipes for your family to enjoy together.

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Island X Adventure Run

    Saturday 6/7   9 am


University of Parenting

    Wednesdays  6-8pm

    March 4 - April 22

Nurturing Parenting

   Infants, Toddlers, &

   Thurs. 10:00am-12:00
   Starting Feb 19, 2015


   Grade Schoolers:
   Monday April 27  5:30-7:30


Voices of
Incarceration Project

  Women: Apr 28, 2015

  Men:  January 8, 2015

  Tues 5:30PM-7:30PM


For more information please call 252-9799.




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